Thunderstorms and strong winds blow through Saudi Arabia on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan.. Civil Defense warns

The National Center of Meteorology announced in its daily report on the weather conditions in the Kingdom for today, where thunderstorms are expected, and active winds will reduce visibility.

Thunderstorms and active winds in 9 regions of Saudi Arabia

Thunderstorms in Saudi Arabia

The National Center of Meteorology said in its report today that rainfall is expected to fall in nine regions: Najran, Asir, Jazan, Al-Baha, the southern parts of Medina, the highlands of Makkah Al-Mukarramah Governorate, as well as in some parts of the Al-Sharqiyah regions, the northern border, and Riyadh. .

The center added that it is possible that there will be active surface winds that raise dust, causing a lack of horizontal visibility in five regions: Al-Sharqiya, Hail, Riyadh, the northern border, and Al-Qassim, with a drop in temperature in five regions, namely Tabuk, Al-Qassim, the northern border, Hail, Al-Jawf.

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Tips for driving in the rain

Thunderstorms in Saudi Arabia

The General Directorate of Saudi Traffic issued warnings to citizens and residents of the Kingdom who are drivers of vehicles and school buses, instructing them to follow all safety and security procedures to avoid terrible traffic accidents and maintain their safety during rain.

This is because rain makes the roads unstable and slippery. Traffic has also been advised to drive slowly and carefully during rainfall for prevention and safety, as accident rates increase when driving in rainy weather. Among the advice provided by the administration are the following:

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Is there early rain?

Yes, there is a 40% chance of rain in this area.

How cold for a month?

According to what is stated in the meteorological calendar, the first day of winter begins in December, and winter ends at the end of February. This means that the meteorological winter season lasts for three months, namely December, January, and February.

How does the weather program work?

If the location you entered in the weather program does not exist, in this case the program will show the closest data for the location you entered.

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