Tomer Capon and his partner Ortal Ben Shoshan got married

Tomer Capon (Instagram photo)

The international actor Tomer Capon and his partner of the last 12 years, the actress Ortal Ben Shoshan, were secretly married several years ago in a ceremony held overseas. “I’ve been married for a long time. Living happily ever after,” Capon shared with the Pplus website and added: “Love is an especially rare commodity these days.”

Capon and Ben Shushan met at Yoram Levinstein’s acting studio. In recent years they have been living in the United States and occasionally come to visit Israel. Capon is considered one of the most successful Israeli actors in Hollywood, with a central role in the series “The Boys”, which is broadcast on Amazon Prime.

Since the “Iron Swords” war broke out, Capon has been engaged in Israeli advocacy in the world and does not spare criticism of the government. In an interview with the Mako website, he said: “I see headlines that are not so related to the situation and do not contribute to anyone, and then I see outside the very beautiful people we have in the country and I say, what is this crazy dissonance, between the beautiful people and this people and these politicians? It My difficulty.”

Capon added: “My heart is currently with the soldiers who protect us, and my friends who have been there for too long. From the day what happened, I found myself working in this, so to speak, without pay. Fundraising, helping evacuees, informing the world. Everything possible.”

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