Tomorrow is more difficult!! Al-Hussaini reveals the date of the tenth rainy event and its most prominent weather phenomena

Weather researcher and founding member of the Climate Nomenclature Committee, Abdulaziz Al-Hussaini, revealed the state of the weather during the coming days, which is the arrival of the tenth rainy event for the current year 1445 AH, starting tomorrow.

Al-Hussaini pointed out that starting on Wednesday, the thirteenth of March 2024, the tenth rainy season begins and extends for long days in different parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to varying degrees.

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Al-Hussaini stated during his personal post on the X digital platform: “Numerical weather models indicate a decrease in temperatures compared to the past days, and that the temperature at dawn today, Tuesday at six o’clock, recorded a cold atmosphere in most regions of the Kingdom except Jizan, and the coasts of the Red Sea, its center and its south, which are moderate.”

He also added: “The lowest temperature recorded at dawn today was 6 degrees Celsius in Turaif, and the highest temperature was 29 degrees Celsius in Jizan, 15 in Riyadh, 20 in Medina, 24 in Jeddah, and 17 degrees Celsius in Dammam.”

Al-Hussaini concluded: “Today, Tuesday, the 2nd of Ramadan, active, dusty winds are expected in parts of the western sector of the Kingdom, the southeast, and Riyadh, extending to the Najran region, unless God disperses them.”

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