Total closure on Al-Ahram Street.. A warning from Giza Governorate to citizens

04:54 PM

Saturday 09 March 2024

Closing Haram Street

Books – Muhammad Abu Bakr:

Giza Governorate announced that the company executing the fourth line metro project has carried out air pressure relief work with the drilling machine for the metro project on Al-Ahram Street in both directions for a distance of 300 meters, starting from the intersection of Al-Ahram Street and Mansourieh Road until the turning hole located in front of the Al-Sabah Mosque.

Giza Governorate explained that the matter requires a complete closure of Al-Ahram Street at the aforementioned location for a period of only 5 hours, with work taking place on Sunday, 3/10/2024, starting at one in the morning until six in the morning.

Giza Governorate reassured citizens that loud noises are expected to accompany work during the air pressure relief process and that there is no cause for concern.

Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza, directed the heads of the Al-Haram, Omraniya, and Talabiya neighborhoods to field follow-up of the works and coordinate with the implementing company to remove any obstacles and facilitate their work.

He pointed out that the General Administration of Giza Traffic, in coordination with the implementing company, placed the necessary traffic guidance and warning signs, searchlights, and traffic lights in the entire business area to ensure the security and safety of citizens, and the necessary traffic services were appointed to manage traffic.

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