Traces of blood, knives, and a missing body… Details in the incident of the Egyptian killed in Uganda

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Saturday, March 2, 2024

The victim is a victim of the treachery of the four, Zain Salim

Kafr El-Sheikh – Islam Ammar:

A state of great sadness prevailed over the family of a young man residing in the village of Hasaat Al-Ghunaimi in the Qalin Center in Kafr El-Sheikh, after his body was found murdered in a remote area in the city of Sruti in Uganda.

The details are revealed by Sameh Akar, a resident of the village of Hessa Al-Ghunaimi and a friend of the young victim, Zain Ahmed Salim, 27 years old, a household appliances dealer, whose body was found murdered in Uganda after a period of disappearance that lasted 8 days.

A close friend of the victim confirmed to Masrawy that his friend works as a wholesale home appliances dealer in Uganda, and Egyptian sellers obtain these tools from him for the purpose of distributing and selling them in commercial businesses to citizens in Uganda, but 8 days ago he completely disappeared from the scene and all means of communication with him were cut off.

He pointed out that after taking the necessary measures, the Ugandan authorities were notified about the disappearance of his friend, and during the process of inspecting his residence, it was found that there were traces of blood and the disappearance of sharp instruments such as kitchen “knives” from inside the residence, while investigators in Uganda suspected 4 people, all of them Egyptians, and through investigations with them They admitted to killing their friend because of disagreements that occurred between them.

The victim’s friend said that the four defendants revealed where they hid his friend’s body, and it turned out that after completing their crime, they threw the body in a forest area adjacent to the Congo River, which passes within the Ugandan city of Sruti, with traces of stab wounds.

Akar appealed to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to intervene with the Ugandan authorities regarding completing the procedures for shipping his friend’s body in preparation for the burial process in his family graves in the village of Hessa Al-Ghunaimi, affiliated with the Qalin Center.

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