Trump on the war in Gaza: “The problem must end”


Wednesday, March 6, 2024 06:31 AM

The potential Republican candidate expressed in US elections 2024 Donald Trump, on Tuesday, expressed his support for the war waged by Israel in the Gaza Strip, in his most clear statement yet regarding the fighting there, according to Al Hurra website.

When Trump was asked during an interview on the American Fox News network if he was “in the Israeli camp,” he replied, “Yes.”“، His interlocutor came back to ask him if he “agreed” with the way Israel was carrying out its attack in Gaza, and the former president responded by saying: “You must end the problem.”“.

American protest movements had urged voters not to vote for Biden at the ballot boxes, because of his support for Israel.

More than 100,000 Democrats in Michigan voted “uncommitted” instead of casting their votes for Biden in the party’s primary elections in the swing state last week..

As the catastrophic situation in Gaza worsens, the current US administration is intensifying its pressure on Israel to reach a ceasefire agreement before the month of Ramadan.

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