United Nations: Israel killed about 9,000 Palestinian women in the Gaza war

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Saturday, March 2, 2024 08:33 PM

The United Nations agency advocating for gender equality said that the “conflict” in Gaza; It is also a “war against women,” who continue to suffer from its devastating effects.

UN Women estimates that 9,000 women have been killed by Israeli forces since the outbreak of the war nearly five months ago. However, the number is likely higher as many have been reported killed under the rubble.

The authority said – in a press statement today (Saturday) – that “while this war does not spare anyone, UN Women’s data shows that it has caused the killing and injury of women in unprecedented ways.” At the current rate, an average of 63 women will continue to be killed every day if the fighting continues.

According to the United Nations; It kills approximately 37 mothers every day, leaving their families devastated and their children unprotected.

A rapid assessment conducted by UN Women – last month, which included 120 women – revealed that the majority, 84%, said that their families eat half of what they ate or less than they did before the war began..

The agency added that although mothers and adult women are charged with providing food, they are the ones who eat the last member of the family and the least, noting that most women reported that at least one person in their family had to skip meals during the previous week..

UN Women said: “In 95% of these cases, it is the mothers who suffer from not eating, and skip at least one meal to feed their children.”“.

Nearly nine out of 10 women reported that obtaining food was more difficult than men. Some are now resorting to searching for food under rubble, in garbage bins, or other measures.

The authority said: “Unless there is an immediate ceasefire for humanitarian reasons, many will die in the coming days and weeks.”“.

She continued, “The killing, bombing, and destruction of basic infrastructure in Gaza must stop. Humanitarian aid must enter and through Gaza immediately.”“.

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