Urgent.. Rain, torrents, hail, and dusty winds in Riyadh, Sharqia, and 5 regions

The Meteorological Authority explained that today’s weather forecast calls for moderate to heavy thunderstorm rain in many areas, with a drop in temperature and strong winds in various regions and cities.

Weather forecast in Saudi Arabia today

Saudi Arabia weather

Today, during its weather report, meteorologists in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia predicted that the opportunity is ripe for rain, ranging from moderate to heavy thunderstorms, in addition to the presence of winds that will be active, as well as stirring up dust and dust, with hail showers that will lead to torrent flow.

This applies to various parts of regions such as the Qassim region, in addition to the Riyadh region, and with it the eastern part, as well as the eastern parts of the northern border cities, in addition to Hail, while it is light and also accompanied by the presence of active winds, which raise dust and dirt, in large parts of the Najran regions. Jazan, as well as Asir.

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Drop in temperatures in 3 regions

Saudi Arabia weather

There will also be a severe drop in temperatures in the eastern cities, as well as the city of Riyadh, in addition to Al-Qassim, in addition to being accompanied by the presence of active winds that will lead to a lack of horizontal visibility>

The wind movement in the Red Sea is westerly to northwesterly winds with a speed of 15-35 km/hour, and the wave height is from about half a meter to about a meter and a half, and the sea state is light to medium waves.

The wind movement in the Arabian Gulf is from southeasterly to northeasterly, at a speed of about 30-60 km/hour, and the waves range from about one and a half meters to about two and a half metres, and the sea condition is average, the waves are wavy.

Traffic tips for driving during rain

The General Administration also alerted both citizens and residents to all drivers of private cars and school buses to follow all safety procedures in order to avoid accidents while preserving lives during rainy weather.

She confirmed that rain causes roads to be slippery and unstable, and advised the need to be careful during rain for the sake of prevention and safety, choosing the shortest route to your destination before setting off, and lighting the lights in case of lack of visibility so that the dimensions of the vehicle are clear to you from under the rain.

Open the windows so that fog does not collect on them. Drive slowly and reduce your speed because when tires move, their grip and stability decrease as speed increases. Move quietly so as not to lose control on wet streets. Leave a safe distance in order to avoid sudden stops between vehicles. .

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When do temperatures rise in Saudi Arabia?

From June to September.

When does rain come in Saudi Arabia?


What is the coldest month in Saudi Arabia?

January is the coldest.

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