Urgent.. Thunderstorms and hail in 7 regions in Saudi Arabia and active winds throughout the Kingdom

Rain is the weather condition that poses a major challenge while driving, as it makes the roads slippery and unstable, requiring drivers to take the necessary precautions to ensure personal safety and maintain the safety of others. In this context, the General Traffic Department provides valuable advice for sound driving during the rainy season. Tips that constitute vital steps towards avoiding accidents and ensuring a safe trip.

Rain in 7 regions

Thunderstorms in Saudi Arabia

The National Center of Meteorology expected, in its report today, dated March 13, 2024, that several regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will witness thunderstorms accompanied by hail showers, and active winds will cause a reduction in horizontal visibility.

These expected weather conditions will include parts of the regions of Jazan, Asir, Al-Baha, Makkah Al-Mukarramah, and Medina, in addition to parts of the Hail and Al-Qassim regions.

Active winds that stir up dust and dust continue to affect several regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as these weather conditions include the eastern part, Riyadh, and Najran, in addition to the northern border regions, Al-Jawf, and Tabuk.

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Sea wind movement

Regarding the movement of winds in the Red Sea, the report indicates that they are northerly to northwesterly in the northern part, and southeasterly to southerly in the southern and central parts, and their speed reaches 50 km/hour towards the Bab al-Mandab Strait.

The report also indicates that the wave height ranges from half a meter to two metres, and the sea state is light, reaching wavy towards the Bab al-Mandab Strait, and the wave height ranges from half a meter to one metre, and the sea state is light waves.

The movement of surface winds in the Arabian Gulf is directed to the north and northwest at a speed ranging between 12 and 34 km/h in the northern and central part, while the winds are northeasterly to southeasterly at a speed ranging between 10 and 25 km/h in the southern part.

6 tips from traffic for driving during rain

Thunderstorms in Saudi Arabia

The General Traffic Department advised citizens, residents, car and school bus drivers to follow safety procedures to avoid accidents and preserve lives during the rain. The Traffic Department confirmed that rain makes the roads slippery and unstable, and advised driving with caution during rain for protection and safety, as the risk increases when driving in rainy weather.

The administration provided several tips for proper driving during the rain, which are:

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When do temperatures rise in Saudi Arabia?

Throughout the country, it ranges from about 20-30 degrees Celsius.

What is the warmest city in Saudi Arabia?

Mecca is the city with the highest temperatures.

How cold is it in Riyadh?

10 degrees Celsius with northerly winds of 15 to 30 km/h.

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