Video – A war of statements rages between Bossi and her ex-husband

The war of statements broke out between singer Bossi and her ex-husband, businessman Hisham Rabie, following her meeting on the “The Oracle” program with Basma Wahba. After Hisham responded to her and accused her of lying in everything she said, Bossi returned to respond to her ex-husband’s statements and reignite the atmosphere, through an audio recording that she published. Basma Wahba on her personal Instagram page.

Bossi said in the audio recording: “You saw me, Basma, and you said, ‘I love him. I regret that I said that word and it was not useful to say that.’”

Bossi added: “You saw what he was saying and talking about my honor and honor. Since then, the problems happened and I have never denounced his conduct with a harsh word, because this is my upbringing and morals. This is the difference between raising Haram Street and cabarets and raising the son of people who understands the principles.”

She continued: “I could not imagine that fame was eating his brain, and that he was taking advantage of fame on the back of the neck, on the back of the woman who was once his wife, who used to sleep next to him on the same bed, and they ate bread and salt together… I am shocked and have nothing to say seriously. The problem is that on the day of the episode, after I went and had dinner with him, our relationship was very good, and I did not imagine that after the good words that I said and he told him that he was wronged and that he was being scammed, my punishment would still speak in my honor and honor!”

Bossi concluded her speech by saying: “I cannot say anything other than God is sufficient for me, and He is the best disposer of affairs. This is the difference between my upbringing, my morals, and his upbringing. The problem is that he does not take into account the holy month, and we are in Ramadan, and he was performing Umrah in the House of God and in front of the Kaaba, and he started talking about his wife who was one day.” From the days on his behalf and honor… I was wrong to say a kind word to him. He did not count the ten. This has nothing to do with manhood or morals, even though the ends are morals. God is sufficient for me, and He is the best disposer of affairs.

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