Video and photos – Mustafa Kamel was moved by his daughter’s wedding and the singing stars ignited the ceremony

Artist Mostafa Kamel, head of the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate, celebrated his daughter’s wedding yesterday evening (Saturday) in one of the major hotels in Cairo, in the presence of a large number of artistic and singing stars, who competed to revive the ceremony.

The ceremony witnessed the presence of the great artist Mohamed Mounir, who was keen to greet the newlyweds with one of his songs. Mostafa Qamar and Tamer Hosni also ignited the ceremony with a collection of their most famous songs, with which the audience interacted greatly, in addition to a duet together that received great interaction from the audience.

The artist Medhat Saleh presented a singing sequence that began with the song “My Daughter, My Love,” causing tears to flow from his friend Mustafa Kamel and his daughter. After that, the artist Mustafa Kamel moved away from the cameras crying while trying to wipe away the tears of joy in the middle of the chants, leaving his friend, the artist Medhat Saleh, to continue singing on the kosha.

The artist Mohamed Ramadan surprised everyone by attending the ceremony and providing a singing session that ignited the wedding atmosphere, as he performed a number of his famous songs amid great interaction from the audience.

Mohamed Hamaki and Tamer Ashour also performed a number of their songs, which were welcomed by the attendees.

While a large number of singing stars and many stars from the artistic community were keen to attend the wedding, including Bushra, Ahmed Essam, Nadia Mustafa and her husband, Arkan Fouad, Hilmi Abdel Baqi, Sabry Fawaz, Salah Abdullah, musician Salim Sahab, singer Bossi and Imad Ziadeh, dancer Dina, Issam Karika, and singer Faisal. Khorshid, and composer Walid Saad.

The ceremony was attended by the great Lebanese artist Walid Tawfiq, who was keen to greet his friend, the artist Mustafa Kamel, stressing that he came from Lebanon specifically to attend the ceremony.

A number of popular singing stars and festival performers were also keen to attend the wedding of the head of the Musicians Syndicate, including Mahmoud Al-Laithi, Reda Al-Bahrawi, Hassan Shakoush, Hamo Beka, and other artists.

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