Video – Najla Badr’s injury and Mai Omar’s threat to withdraw… the most prominent clips of “Ramez Gabe from the Other”

Both actresses Mai Omar and Naglaa Badr fell into the trap of artist Ramez Jalal’s prank on the program “Ramez Gap from the Other,” which he presents on MBC Egypt immediately after breakfast.

Ramez introduced both Naglaa and Mai, saying: “The title of our episode is the struggle of the slaves, the struggle of the women’s plots. The story began between them in a series two years ago, and the director is married to the heroine, and his workers are harassing everyone, except for one heroine who objected. The director told her, ‘What should I do to you? This is my wife. You want her to complain to my mother-in-law.’” “With us today are the talented and chivalrous Mai Omar and Naglaa Badr.”

Mai Omar expressed her extreme dissatisfaction with falling into Ramez’s prank, after discovering that the episode would bring her together with the artist Naglaa Badr.

Ramez directed his words to Mai Omar and Naglaa Badr after their meeting in the episode, saying: “We are bringing you today so that you can describe what is between you, and no one can answer you except me, so a dialogue takes place between the trio in the episode, where Ramez said to Naglaa: Why are you upset with Mai Omar? So she answers him: Not I’m upset with her, I’m upset with Sami, which is what made Mai intervene and say: Why are you upset with him? Naglaa replies: You don’t have a job, you’re the one who has work between us.

Thus, Ramez Jalal inflamed the situation between the two stars, saying: “Sami compliments Mai at work?”… This angered Mai Omar, so she threatened, saying: “I will not continue this episode.”

As the two stars completed the episode, Najla Badr was injured in her left arm and appeared with blood flowing from it.

Naglaa Badr had spoken in the introduction to the program about her disagreement with director Mohamed Sami, husband of artist Mai Omar, saying: “An artistic disagreement. We agreed on a role in a work, but I found him carrying the text of my role, and he has the right because Mai Omar is also his wife.”

Ramez Jalal joked with her, saying: “Why have you changed your appearance? You did something to your appearance and turned on Ahmed Al-Fishawy.”

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