Video – Nancy Ajram recalls the robbery of her home…and this is what she revealed about her daughters

During her hosting as a guest on the podcast of the Egyptian journalist Amr Adeeb, the star Nancy Ajram spoke about secrets in her private life, the impact of the age of forty on her, and many things in a spontaneous and frank manner.

The Lebanese artist spoke about the great crisis that her family went through in 2020 after a Syrian young man stormed her house and her husband, Fadi Al-Hashem, shot him, and she said: “I still have fear, at home when I hear any sound, and at night I imagine the scene and fear it from time to time.” I am going through stages of fear and I hope to get out of them.”

She continued: “I asked a pediatric specialist because the girls had been exposed to trauma and moments that were a nightmare for them. I asked and was afraid that this would affect them at school and in their lives. I was afraid that it would be a shock that they would not be able to overcome in the future. Thank God, the first months were difficult, especially at school. They were exposed to bullying, but “I was able to overcome the crisis.”

She added: “My husband and I have passed this stage. It was more difficult for him. I did not attend the incident. I was only listening, but I was in a second room and I heard voices and I do not know who the gunfire was at. These are not good memories.”

The Lebanese star chose a casual look in the Ramadan program, and admitted that her weight does not exceed 50 kilograms, due to her exercising all the time, stressing that she is a fan of eating and eats everything.

Regarding her daughters: “I was hoping to live the experience of a male child, but the Lord of the Worlds did not want that, and I am satisfied and happy with my three daughters now.”

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