Video – On her sick bed… Najwa Fouad reveals dangerous secrets about her life

During her interview with the media personality, Suhair Gouda, which she published on her official Facebook page, the great artist, Najwa Fouad, revealed many new secrets about her personal and artistic life, confirming that her best friend had kidnapped her husband. She also talked about her relationship with many actresses and her financial crises at the time. Present.

Najwa said during the meeting that the artist Nabila Obaid always checks on her and her health condition, and the artist Safia Al-Omari as well, adding: “No one of the artists asks Alia, not even our captain, and he has not asked Alia for six months, and I asked him about the pension and he said, ‘I think 600 pounds. “I can’t find an answer to respond to.”

Najwa added, saying: “I hope for mercy from our Lord, and those in charge of art take care of the artists who have given more to art than the artists of the current generation, because we took millions and they take millions, so they must calculate the differences and help the poor people who are unable to get a box of medicine to be treated.” “.

She added: “Where will the artists go? Farid Shawqi died without anything, and Rushdi Abaza died with nothing at all, and Madiha Kamel got a sewing machine and worked so that she could live and raise her son, and she had a heart attack when she was young. She was supposed to receive a pension, and may God bless my soul.” “Have mercy on her.”

Najwa Fouad continued: “Nahed Sharif and Hend Rostom were close to me, and Hend was the only one who had a healthy brain. She married a respectable man and a great doctor and started a family and closed herself off. She had two friends, and I was one of them. Six hours before she died, she asked for me and I did not go to meet her.”

Najwa pointed out: “The passing of Dalal Abdel Aziz broke me, and Samir Sabry was ten my age and Leah’s brother. He was my twin, and his house was next to my father’s house in Alexandria.”

She explained: “I had not been working for three months before Corona, and what caused my absence from work was the death of Dalal Abdel Aziz and Samir Sabry. Dalal was very close to me, and Dounia and Amy and her daughters are still asking about me.”

Najwa confirmed that she sacrificed her life for the sake of art, and was afraid of having children due to job changes, as she currently hopes to have children, noting: “We wasted our lives for nothing and we have no pension.”

Najwa continued her statements: “Suheir Zaki and I were friends before she worked. After she worked, she had a house and gave birth to a husband, and her mother got tired, and I dealt with her a little. We were friends, not competitors, and she is dear to my heart, and Fifi Abdo is very kind and came to visit me, and may God grant her health.” She is a very beautiful person, and she loves to entertain herself with videos, and they will let her live.”

Najwa said that her closest friend planned to kidnap her husband after he declared his conversion to Islam for her sake, noting: “I forgave her, and she was the first one to open my bag after traveling, and when the friend turns out to be a traitor, she makes up for it, but the husband did not, he converted to Islam for me at that time, and I danced in their joy.” Like a slaughtered dove, and I did not know that they were the newlyweds.”

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