Video of the fabulous house, the Saudi trend “Seven Stars” in Medina, fabulous once upon a time

“When standing in front of this house, one cannot help but pause for a moment to admire its beauty and uniqueness. The distinctive facade with its diverse colors stands out as a contemporary artistic painting, vibrant with life and creativity. Every color has a story, and every design has a meaning, which makes this house not just a dwelling, but rather a masterpiece that reflects a personality and spirit.” Seven Star Family.

Perhaps what most draws attention on the walls of this house is the phrase “Seven Star Family,” which serves as a slogan that embodies the ambitions and hopes of this family. They are not just words, but rather a pledge of distinction, uniqueness, and always striving for the best. This phrase carries within it an invitation to everyone who sees it to… He seeks to achieve the best in his life and to be a star in the sky of his ambitions.

Allocate spaces with love and hope

Each room inside this house represents a world of its own, full of colors and symbols that express the personalities and dreams of family members. Dana’s room, with its purple walls and a prominent drawing of a suitcase and an airplane, carries within it a message about the love of exploration and the desire to roam around the world, while Nour’s room has pink walls. It reflects childhood innocence and boyhood dreams.

The names carefully written on the walls of the house, Hamed, Abdullah and Ahmed, embody the close connection between the family members and how each individual has his or her own place and mark within this shared space. The reference to the empty space expected to be allocated to the prospective son or for rent reflects the family’s forward-thinking and willingness to embrace change and growth.

A call for preservation and blessing

The clip that spread on social media was not only a display of the visual beauty and artistic creativity of the home, but it was also a testament to the positive and philanthropic spirit of the “Seven Star Family.” The family’s expression of their love of goodness and positive attitude is an inspiration in itself, what It makes their story not only a creative journey, but also a lesson in morals and values.

At the end of the video, the photographer wishes this family God’s protection and goodness, a prayer that embodies the hope and optimism that such a work of art can spread. It reminds us that beauty and creativity can be more than just the embodiment of artistic ideas, but can also be a means of expressing love. And hope and prayers for others.

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