Watch.. The Prime Minister of Slovakia was injured in a shooting and is in critical condition | News


Prime Minister exposed Slovakia Robert Fico – today, Wednesday, was shot several times after a government meeting in the city of Handelova in the center of the country and was taken to hospital, while the government announced that he was “in a critical condition.”

Marta Eckhartova, director of Handelova Hospital, said that Fico received treatment in the vascular surgery unit, and then was transferred from the hospital to the capital, Bratislava.

The newspaper “Dennik An Daily” – whose correspondent saw the Prime Minister being transferred to a car by security guards – said that the police arrested the gunman suspected of opening fire.

Condemn the attack

Reactions continued condemning the attack. The country’s President Zuzana Čaputová expressed her shock at the “brutal” armed attack on the Prime Minister.

“I am shocked. I wish Robert Fico a lot of strength at this critical moment to recover from this brutal and irresponsible attack,” the outgoing president said in a statement.

For her part, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen condemned the “heinous attack” on the Slovak Prime Minister.

A video clip on social media showed Fico’s guards rushing to transfer him to a car close to where his convoy passed after he was injured.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also condemned what he called the “cowardly attack” on the Slovak Prime Minister.

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