Watch what Alaa Morsi said on Youm 7 TV after suffering from cancer

The face of the great artist Alaa MorsiA message of thanks on Youm 7 TV to all his fans who tried to check on him after he announced that he was suffering from cancer.

Alaa Morsi said that he fell ill and discovered that he had cancer, explaining that he is now taking drugs and medicines to control the dreaded disease, after postponing an eradication operation that was scheduled to be performed on him.

He added, in special statements to Youm 7 TV, that he received the news with praise and thanks, saying: “Everything that our Lord answers is good, and we are all vulnerable to any illness, and our Lord heals everyone.”

He continued: “The entire artistic community stood by me, and this is a great blessing. Also, my children and grandchildren do not leave me alone, and this gives me great positive energy. Praise be to God, our Lord has blessed me with great love among the audience, and this is the most important thing.”

And about his role in the series Thresholds of joy This year, he said: “I was tired while filming the series, but I came out happy with the experience because it is a treasure to work with the great artist Yahya Al-Fakharani because he has great artistic value, and we have all respect and appreciation for him.”

He continued: “We have great artistic treasures, and I worked with this man a lot, until we met at the thresholds of joy with the king of drama, Medhat El Adl.”
He said: “The echo of the Thresholds of Joy made me very happy. Oh God, you like this Ramadan, and I thank my fans who love me and follow my health condition.”

Witnessing events Thresholds of Joy series Episode 3: Irfan (Salah Abdullah) complains to Bahjat (Yahya Al-Fakharani) from the actions of the Friday market trader, and he asks Bahjat to accompany him to the market, and Bahjat tells him that he needs to listen to Umm Kulthum, accompanied by Lubna “Safaa Al-Toukhi”, so that his brain “disconnects”.

Thresholds of Joy series, Episode 3

While he was at home, Bahjat was surprised by a new report and his request to the department due to the problem of tax evasion, which caused him shock, and the events of the episode ended with that.

The third episode of the series witnessed the release of Yahya Al-Fakharani from prison, after his entry during the events of the previous episode due to… Jumana MuradIn addition to Jumana’s departure some time later due to her inability to pay a bail of 50 thousand pounds, in addition to Omar (Khaled Shubat) entering the field of deep web work, and his disagreements with his grandfather all the time due to their different points of view.

Heroes of the Thresholds of Joy series

He is starring Thresholds of Joy series A large group of stars, most notably: Yahya Al-Fakharani, Jumana Murad, Salah Abdullah, Anba, Khaled Shubat, Safaa Al-Toukhi, Sama Ibrahim, Hisham Ismail, Wafa Sadiq, Hazem Ihab, Youssef Othman, Laila Ezz Al-Arab, Alaa Morsi, and the work is taken from The novel “Thresholds of Joy” by the great writer Ibrahim Abdel Majeed, television treatment by Dr. Medhat Al-Adl, directed by Magdy Abu Amira, and produced by Al-Adl Group by producer Jamal Al-Adl.

Dates of the series “Thresholds of Joy”.

The showing times for the series “Thresholds of Joy” by Yahya Al-Fakharani come daily during the first half of Ramadan at 6:15 exclusively on the TV screen. dmc In conjunction with its display on the platform watch itThe first replay will take place at 5 a.m., and the second replay will take place at 12 noon..

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