Welcome Ramadan exhibition in Omraniya offers packaged flour for 23 pounds

Food companies are invited to participate “Welcome Ramadan” Exhibition On Teraat Al-Zumar Street in the Omraniyah neighborhood, packaged flour is priced at 23 pounds per kilo, among dozens of products and food commodities that the exhibition offers daily at reduced prices. To control markets and reduce the burden on citizens.

The exhibition, which is organized by the Giza Governorate in cooperation with the Giza Chamber of Commerce and the Supply Directorate, offers various types of basic and consumer food commodities (sugar, oil, rice, legumes, spices, meat, poultry, and Ramadan yams) at reduced prices, in preparation for the holy month of Ramadan.

Legumes at the exhibition witnessed a decrease in prices, as one company offered regular basmati rice for 60 pounds instead of 80 pounds, super basmati rice for 100 pounds instead of 140 pounds, yellow lentils for 60 pounds instead of 80 pounds, and cowpeas for 80 pounds instead of 100 pounds. Beans are for 100 pounds instead of 140 pounds, and fava beans are for 48 pounds instead of 60 pounds.

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