What did US intelligence say about “Netanyahu’s ability to remain a leader”?

(CNN) — The US intelligence community considered that “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ability to remain a leader is at risk,” according to an annual unclassified assessment of international threats issued by US intelligence agencies.

“Netanyahu’s ability to remain a leader as well as his ruling coalition composed of right-wing and religious parties that have pursued hard-line policies on Palestinian and security issues may be at risk,” the assessment said.

The assessment issued on Monday stated, “The feeling of mistrust in Netanyahu’s ability to rule has increased among Israelis compared to its already high levels before the war, and we expect large protests demanding his resignation and holding new elections.”

The assessment added, “The formation of a different, more moderate government is possible.”.”

And you press Joe Biden’s administration pushed on Israel to allow more aid into Gaza, and said that the Israeli operation in the Rafah area would be a “red line.”.

In an interview over the weekend, US President Joe Biden said that he would like to return to Israel and deliver a speech before its parliament (the Knesset).

According to the US intelligence assessment, “Israel will likely face long-term armed resistance from Hamas for years to come, and the Israeli military will struggle to neutralize Hamas’ underground infrastructure, which allows the rebels to hide, regain their strength, and surprise Israeli forces.”

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