What is the impact of the Ras al-Hikma deal on the IMF negotiations? An expert explains

11:11 PM

Tuesday 05 March 2024

Dalia Al-Dhanini wrote:
Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Al, a banking expert, said that the Ras El Hekma deal will have an impact on the International Monetary Fund negotiations, as the deal directly affected the dollar exchange rate and contributed to the decline of some commodities under the effects of the low exchange rate.

He explained that the International Monetary Fund is conducting reviews on several indicators, and the loan may be disbursed within a short period based on certain understandings.

He added, during an intervention with the “People of Egypt” program on the “Azhari” channel, today, Tuesday, that there are changes in the prices of commodities in the markets, and this has appeared in prices such as iron and some food commodities, but it will take time.

He explained that the cycle of some commodities takes time, which may last for 3 months.

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