What is the truth about Dani Alves’ suicide inside his prison in Barcelona?

A Brazilian account by a person named Pablo Albuquerque claimed that the former Barcelona star had committed suicide inside his cell in his current prison in Catalonia.

This came days after the Brazilian star was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for assaulting a woman in a nightclub.

The account owner wrote: “According to the information I received, Daniel Alves killed himself in prison.”

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The account did not clarify any additional details about the incident, and no official source subsequently spoke about the matter.

What is the truth about Dani Alves’ suicide inside his prison in Barcelona?

At the same time, his ex-wife, Joanna Sanz, did not publish anything regarding the matter. On the contrary, after the news was published, she posted a picture of herself from the gym.

As the minutes passed, several Brazilian press sources confirmed that the account was lying in an attempt to have some humor, as it impersonated a journalist to see the reactions.

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What is Alves’s brother’s comment on the news of the player’s suicide inside his prison?

Nay Alves, Danny’s brother, responded to the rumor on his Instagram account, saying: “He was convicted by a woman who entered the men’s bathroom to do what only she knew, and he was actually convicted. Isn’t that enough?”

He added: “He is in prison now, and what is crazy is that you want him dead, you want to see my brother dead, but how cruel is this? My father is over 70 years old, my mother is over 60 years old, you have no family? These are the pages that keep publishing these things.” May God have mercy on you.”

It is worth noting that previous reports had confirmed that there were clear concerns about Alves’ mental health after his sentencing.

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