Tariq Al-Sheikh presents a supplication entitled “Reassured” on the occasion of the month of Ramadan

Subtract the star Tareq Alshiekh A supplication on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, bearing the name “Reassured”, composed and written by Sameh Al-Koumi and arranged by Muhammad Jaber. The words of the supplication say: I am reassured and I am not afraid, and no matter what I will be afraid of, my faith in God strengthens me and Rami, I rely on you, as long as I am on my way, why should I be sad and why should I be sad? He will relieve her, and I am confident that the one who is coming is better. She fills her cover with me, standing beside me and with me, because I always see my heart and knows what is inside me. He has provided for me and has never forgotten me, and from myself He protects me, and when I am weak, He has mercy on me. When I ask, He provides for me with my hand, and He has never forgotten me. With my hands.

Star Tariq Al-Sheikh released his latest song called “Sorry, Myself,” composed by Fadel Al-Rawi and arranged by Mohamed Jaber.

The lyrics of the song say: “Some people laugh at themselves, in order to bring comfort to themselves. Every one of us once finds himself, and says, ‘I miss you, you who were absent from me, and the reason was weakness on my part. Oh, my soul, forgive me, I am the one who has your license in my hands, and on the stairs and your dancing so hard. I did not lose you, I am sorry, my soul. In the midst of people, I humiliated you, trampled on you, folded you, came to the side, and threw you. Out of my sadness and despair, oh my soul, oh the one who prevented me, and my self-esteem is inside me, oh my soul, my capitalist and drinker. This is with me. I saw the people around me rising up, and while I was standing in my place, I went and did it. As they did, and I remained a selfish person, I took this world with a cleverness that I was thinking about, this is a cleverness whose gain is a loss, and my fools do not even think about myself and I do not take care of myself, as I am between myself and myself, I am another person, my self.”

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