Zamalek announces the end of the crisis of Khalid Boutaib’s dues

Announce Ahmad Salem Official spokesman for the club Zamalek On the success of the Board of Directors in ending the crisis of Moroccan dues Khaled Boutaib Former team player.

Salem wrote on his personal Facebook account: “After arduous negotiations, strenuous efforts and in record time, Zamalek Club Board of Directors Headed by Hussein Labib, he succeeds in completing the agreement with Player Khaled Boutaib Waiting to receive the license to participate in African competitions from the Confederation of African Football.Adequate” today.


Zamalek is facing a major crisis due to not obtaining the African license from the Confederation of African Football (CAF) due to the debts imposed on it, which led to the suspension of registration, especially since CAF requires that teams participating in African tournaments be free of any financial disputes, and that these crises be resolved before the end of June, and the deadline was extended to July 5.

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