10 commodities whose prices decreased after the fair pricing of the pound, most notably rice, beans and pasta

Written by Hani Al-Houti

Friday, March 8, 2024 05:27 PM

Prices fell 10 Basic goodsDuring the past few hours, after the Central Bank’s decision to fairly price the pound, which led to the availability of foreign exchange, and the government’s release of… Goods accumulated at portsThe banks also intend to provide the foreign exchange necessary to open documentary credits to import basic goods and production requirements from abroad.

The list of basic commodities whose prices decreased – according to the local and international price portal of the Council of Ministers – included: Packaged rice recorded an average price of 34.84 pounds per kilo, down by 0.6 pounds, or 1.69% of the total price the previous day, and packaged beans recorded 58.94 pounds per kilo, down by 1.08. pounds, down by 1.8%, flour recorded 29.05 pounds, down by 0.62 pounds, by 2.09%, sunflower oil recorded 99.5 pounds per liter, down by 1.15 pounds, by 1.14%, and packaged sugar recorded 41.13 pounds per kilo, down by 0.99 pounds, by 2.35%.

The prices of packaged pasta also fell to 30.59 pounds per kilo, down 0.98 pounds, or 3.1%. Packaged lentils also fell to 73.03 pounds, down 1.38 pounds, or 1.85%. Lipton tea fell to 12.72 pounds for a 40-gram package, down 0.02 pounds, or 0.16%. 11.59 pounds, down by 0.08 pounds, by 0.69%, and corn oil to 123.51 per liter, down by 1.7 pounds, by 1.36%.

He is optimistic about the future of the Egyptian economy after the Central Bank announced the fair pricing of the pound and increased interest rates by 600 points once, and the completion of an agreement at the expert level with the International Monetary Fund, to end the first and second reviews of the Egyptian reform program, and an agreement to increase the value of the Fund’s financing for Egypt to 8 billion dollars. For $3 billion, in addition to $1.2 billion that Egypt will receive from the Environmental Sustainability Fund of the World Bank Group, as well as the recent announcement of an unprecedented, historic deal to develop the Ras El Hekma region with immediate revenues for Egypt worth $35 billion.

Traders expect commodity prices to continue to decline during the coming period after the release of the goods from the ports. The final value of the strategic goods and production requirements released within 6 days reached about 230.90 million dollars for the strategic goods, and about 464.03 million dollars for the production requirements, and this final value does not include Petroleum products and gold.

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