5 thousand dollars.. The Suez Canal imposes additional fees on ships refusing Rabat services

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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Suez – Hossam El Din Ahmed:

The Suez Canal Authority decided to change the mechanisms for providing mooring services to ships passing through the canal, to include ground stations distributed along the canal, “waiting candles,” as of next May 1.

Navigational Circular No. 1 of 2024 regarding the Department of Movements stated that the authority will provide the Rabat service to only 30% of the convoy ships crossing the canal, according to specific standards, which are the ships with the largest windage area, and the ships with the largest tonnage.

The canal also provides mooring service for ships with a larger draft (DRAFT), and for ships with distances between “not more than two ships”, in addition to other ships as decided by the Suez Canal Authority.

The navigation circular added that if the selected ship refuses or is unable to receive the mooring service, an additional fee of $5,000 will be imposed on the ship instead of imposing a tug on it as stipulated in Article 20, page 36, of the navigation regulations.

The Movements Department specified the ships excluded from the previous clause, as American warships are accompanied by a tug required to serve Rabat in accordance with the protocol signed with the Authority.

Warships of all nationalities are also accompanied by a tug assigned to serve the mooring in the event of inability to lift or the captain of the ship refuses to let the mooring workers board it.

As well as trailer units, excavators, compact units, and units of a special nature, they will be serviced in the Rabat ship for the safety of navigation, or on imposed tugboats in the event that they are unable to receive service on the ship in accordance with the current navigation regulations, December 2020.

The Suez Canal Authority has set the new tariff for mooring and lights services under the new system, where each passing ship will be charged a fixed total amount of $3,500 for mooring and lights services under the new system, whether the service is on the ship or from a ground station, with an annual financial evaluation being conducted if the need arises. To be changed are special arrangements for ships.

In the event that the ship requests to be provided with lighting services (flash + electric) or the light does not comply with the navigation regulations, the previous tariff in the previous item will be increased by $1,000 for lighting services, bringing the total amount to $4,500, including mooring and lighting services.

In the event that the electrical connections to the searchlight do not comply with the Authority’s requirements, the prescribed additional fee of $5,000 will be imposed, starting from the second crossing, in accordance with the December 2020 navigation regulations.

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