A large fire near an Israeli military base in Jerusalem News


A large fire broke out – yesterday evening, Tuesday – near an Israeli military base in the Mount Scopus region in the eastern part of Occupied JerusalemMeanwhile, the occupation forces stormed the town of Al-Issawiya in search of suspects.

Israeli Army Radio said, in a statement, that a large fire broke out near the Ofrit base, and 12 fire brigades were working to extinguish it, and suspicion of arson was being investigated.

The police said, through a statement, that they were working with fire brigades, following a fire that broke out in an open area near the Ofrit base and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

She added that at this stage there is no danger to residents living in the area, the military base, road users, the university building or other buildings.

According to the police, the fire did not result in any injuries, and they are investigating suspicion that the fire was caused by intentional arson. They added that they are conducting investigations and searching for suspects in the area.

Local sources in the town of Al-Issawiya in Jerusalem reported that the occupation forces stormed the town following suspicion of throwing a Molotov cocktail, which led to a fire breaking out near Ofrit camp.

The Israeli police said that they are conducting searches and combing operations for suspects who caused the fire, and an investigation has been opened into the causes of the fire without ruling out that it was intentional, according to the statement.

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