A little girl asks: Why don’t we see God? And Dr. Ali Jumaa reveals the reasons

He said Dr. Ali Jumaa, the former Grand MuftiThere are questions that roam the minds of children and adults, and each of us receives them in our environment, culture, and knowledge. Some of them cause confusion and others cause reassurance and security, indicating that among these issues is the issue of God: who created the universe?, how did he create the universe?, and when was the universe created? ?, Who is God?, and what are His attributes, may He be glorified and exalted?

to reply Dr. Ali Jumaa, the former Grand MuftiDuring the “Nour El-Din” program broadcast on… United channelsTo a child’s question about the reasons for not seeing God Almighty, he said: “Do we see radar waves? .. Do we see electric current? .. Do we see Ok, where is the light that will be reflected on our Lord?… Our Lord is outside the cosmic circle, so no one can see Him, and if He entered the circle, He would be a created being, because everyone in the circle is created, and our Lord is not created and cannot be. Our Lord, Glory be to Him, is outside the cosmic circle, and therefore He does not No one can see him, but on the Day of Resurrection we will go to Paradise and remain at the edge of the circle at which time we will see God. Well, how? We don’t know, we don’t know because they are issues related to the formation of man on the Day of Resurrection.”

continued Sheikh Ali Juma ,: “This circle, God Almighty told us that on top of it is the Throne, which is the largest creation created by God Almighty. The Throne is like a roof. Under it is Paradise, which He gives to the good believers who have done good deeds, and under it is the Fire with which He threatens the disobedient, unjust and corrupt people who killed people and expelled them from their homes. And those who abused money and honor.

The program is “Nour Al-Din“, which is shown on United channels during the month of Ramadan By Dr. Ali Jumaa, the former Mufti of the RepublicOne of the most important programs of the United Company, which presents questions for the first time on the lips of young children, who always ask them to their parents who find themselves in confusion, such as examples of where is God, why do we not see Him, and other matters that parents stand before in extreme confusion without an answer, which made… The program is awaited by both the parents who are waiting for it to understand the correct answer, and the children who will find in the program an understanding of what they are trying to know and prove it correctly, building awareness and certainty in them.

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