The date of the funeral of Habiba Al-Shamaa, the girl of Al-Shorouk

05:40 PM

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Sunrise girl, Habeya Al-Shamma

Written by Saber Al-Mahlawi:

The family of the late Habiba Al-Shamaa, known in the media as the Sunrise Girl and the Uber Girl, revealed the date and location of the funeral, which will take place tomorrow from the Police Mosque in the Fifth Settlement after Friday prayers.

Habiba Al-Shamaa died from a brain hemorrhage, after being involved in a traffic accident on the Suez Road while she was riding in an Uber.

Muhammad Amin, the defense lawyer for Habiba Al-Shamaa, known in the media as the Sunrise Girl, confirmed that the last moments of Habiba’s life witnessed a severe deterioration in her health condition.

“Amin” told Masrawy, on Thursday, that Habiba’s health condition witnessed sudden developments, as she suffered a severe brain hemorrhage, and she also suffered a blood bleed in the eye.

Habiba Al-Shamaa had jumped from an Uber driver’s car after she feared she would be harassed and kidnapped.

The security services were able to arrest the accused and refer him to the competent court, which issued a decision to renew his detention for 15 days.

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