A woman kills a young man in Talbieh because of a dispute over the priority of a tuk-tuk

Written by Bahjat Abu Deif

Saturday, April 13, 2024 12:27 PM

A woman accused of killing a young man in Talbiyah confessed to committing the crime, and stated in front of police officers that a dispute had broken out between her and the victim, related to the priority of the independence of a tuk-tuk, which developed into an altercation, which led her to stab him with a knife.

The detectives listened to the statements of eyewitnesses, who confirmed that the accused assaulted the victim. Surveillance cameras surrounding the crime scene were also removed, and the prosecution decided to autopsy the body and authorize its burial, and decided to detain the accused for 4 days pending investigation.

A report was received by the Giza Security Directorate, stating that a young man was killed as a result of an attack on him with a knife in Talbieh. Detectives moved to the location of the report, and it was found that a woman working as a vegetable seller was behind the crime, as a result of a dispute related to the priority of the autonomy of the tuk-tuk.

The accused was arrested, the necessary legal measures were taken against her, and a report was drawn up regarding the incident, so that the prosecution could investigate.

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