After the Shorouk Girl incident, we publish the most prominent recommendations of “Deputy Communications” for smart transportation companies

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Saturday 09 March 2024

Smart transportation companies

Books – Nashaat Ali:
The Communications and Information Technology Committee of the House of Representatives, headed by Representative Ahmed Badawi, made a number of important recommendations to smart transportation companies operating in Egypt, most notably “Uber and Careem” to achieve safety measures, especially after the incident of the Shorouk girl, Habiba Al-Shamaa, and foremost among them is the companies’ obligation to put a distress button or request a call. Assistance within the SOS application and its activation on the system of the intelligent transportation system, ensuring immediate intervention.

This came during a meeting of the Communications and Information Technology Committee in the House of Representatives, today, Saturday, in the presence of representatives of Uber-Careem and the Director General of the Transport Regulatory Authority, Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The committee also recommended examining the possibility of creating safe spaces between the driver (captain) and passengers, such as glass barriers, to ensure safety for both parties, as well as requiring drivers to submit a criminal status report annually (periodically).

The committee demanded that the parliamentary committee be sent an official letter on the criteria for granting operating companies licenses, and follow-up to continue obtaining the license, as well as a complete system to monitor the trip during its route to provide safety for those traveling in smart transportation.

The Communications and Information Technology Committee of the House of Representatives stressed the importance of the role of artificial intelligence in insurance, by tracking risks in advance before they occur, by monitoring the driver’s behavior, frequent braking, stopping, and successive speeds, which is something that is adopted in many countries.

Hanan Abdel Fattah, Director General of the Transport Regulatory Authority, at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, agreed with the recommendations of the parliamentary committee regarding the importance of obliging companies working in smart transportation to provide drivers with a criminal status report on a regular basis annually, as well as a periodic drug analysis, activating the emergency system, and examining the possibility of providing what is related to discipline. The psychological state of the driver.

For their part, representatives of Uber and Careem reviewed the safety and security procedures followed within the company, most notably the requirements for accepting drivers, including 6 important documents and procedures, as well as training drivers and ensuring they follow modern technologies to ensure safety and security.

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