Looks worst at the bottom: this way Hapoel Tel Aviv will not stay in the league

With 0:0 against Hapoel Jerusalem, Hapoel Tel Aviv closed this evening (Saturday) a fifth game in a row without scoring a goal. This is a figure that is suitable for teams that accidentally got promoted to the Premier League and start a season shocked by the status, but here it happens to one of the biggest clubs in Israeli football and even more so after they placed a figure like Yossi Aboxis on the lines.

The preliminary data were good for Hapoel Jerusalem. The results in the other games determined that a victory would put Ziv Aryeh’s team within a victory distance of the top playoffs.

The distance between the abyss and the top of the mountain in the Premier League is closer than anywhere else. With the understanding that there is an opponent who is almost unable to score, Hapoel Jerusalem needed one small goal, but Emilios Zubas prevented it from them. The Lithuanian stopped a penalty by Matan Khoza (59), but also great scoring situations by Yla Doin, Ofek Biton and others.

In a certain situation, Hapoel Jerusalem can still finish the season in the top playoffs, but it is still a club for which staying in the league is an achievement. Hapoel Tel Aviv is not in this place. A big club with a team that finds it more difficult to reach the opponent’s goal than to climb Everest. That way the Reds won’t stay in the league and right now they look the worst of the bottom teams.

Dan Ainbinder tripping Cedric Don, Photography: Danny Maron
Hapoel Tel Aviv players are desperate, Photography: Danny Maron
Yossi Aboxis, Photography: Danny Maron
Matan Huzha from a missed penalty, Photography: Danny Maron
Emilius Zubas. stopped a penalty, Photography: Danny Maron
Dan Einbinder Al Hadsha, Photography: Danny Maron

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Hapoel Tel Aviv fans, Photography: Danny Maron

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