Al-Ismaily draws with Modern Future with a goal for the same in the NILE League

Draw Ismaili With Modern Future, with a goal for the same, in the match that was held between them at Ismailia Stadium in the postponed match between them from the tenth round of the NILE League.

Ahmed Atef advanced for Future in the 28th minute, and Mohamed El-Desouki equalized for Al-Ismaily in the 84th minute from a penalty kick awarded by the referee of the match, Hamada Al-Qalawi, to Ahmed Al-Sheikh, the Dervishes playmaker, raising the home team’s score to 18 points in 14th place in the league table, while Future raised its score to 21 points. In tenth place.

The Ismaili formation included:
Goalkeeper: Ahmed Adel
Defense: Mohamed Desouki, Mohamed Ammar, Mohamed Nasr, Hamdi Al-Naqaz.
The middle: Hisham Mohamed, Mohamed Hassan, Imad Hamdi
In front of them.. Abdul Rahman Magdy, Omar Al-Saei
The attack… Nader Faraj
On the bench: Mohamed Fawzi, Abdel Karim Mustafa, Mohamed Makhlouf, Issam Sobhi, Hatem Sukkar, Mohamed Zidane, Mohamed Abdel Samie, Eric Traoré.

Future’s formation is as follows:
Goalkeeper: Mahmoud Hamdi
Defense: Mahmoud Shaaban, Khaled Reda, Mahmoud Rizk, Jonathan Nguem
Midfield: Ghanem Mohamed, Amr El-Sisi, Aimourani Hassani, Mohamed Sadiq, Ali Zazaa
Attack: Ahmed Atef
Sitting on the bench: Ahmed Yahya, Tariq Taha, Mohamed Rabia, Abdel Rahman Rashdan, Ali Yasser, Ahmed Kabaka, Kigali Drami, Arnold Iba, Mohamed Zaalouk.

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