Before his trial.. What did the Uber driver do after Habiba Al-Shammaa jumped?

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Sunday, April 14, 2024

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Tomorrow, Monday, the Cairo Criminal Court, sitting in the Fifth Settlement Courts Complex, will begin the first court session of the Uber driver accused in the case of the death of the Shorouk girl, Habiba Al-Shamaa.

“Masrawy” obtained the Public Prosecution’s investigation into the death of Shorouk student Habiba Al-Shamaa in Case No. 1016 of 2024, Shorouk Felony.

“Mahmoud H.,” the Uber driver, said during his interrogation during the investigations that the victim was riding in his car at the time of the incident, and immediately after he closed the car’s windows and sprayed the aromatic substance seized in his possession, the student jumped out of the car while it was traveling at a speed of 100 km/hour on the Suez Road, then fled after that.

The accused admitted that he continued to use the narcotic substance cannabis. He took a dose of it before the incident and another after it happened.

Counselor Mohamed Hegazy, the first public lawyer in Cairo, referred the case to the competent criminal court in the Cairo Court of Appeal circuit on charges of attempted kidnapping, drug use, and driving a car under the influence of drugs.

The Habiba Al-Shamaa case began with social media users circulating a post by Habiba Al-Shamaa’s cousin, which said: “I am writing this post to tell you what happened to my cousin, because first, I want you to pray for her, may God heal her and return her to us safely.. Her condition is still in danger.. Habiba is missing. Awareness and she has a brain bleed that will not stop. Secondly, take care of yourself and your daughters. People are still harmful… May God keep the evils of people away from us.”

The girl mentioned, “Habiba took an Uber from my city and was going to Heliopolis at 6:50. Then Habiba’s friends called her to see where she had arrived. Someone answered and told them that the owner of the phone had fallen from the car. She kept tossing and turning until she hit the cement barrier on the road. Suez Road…and when he asked her what happened to you…she said the Uber driver wanted to kidnap me and she went into convulsions and lost consciousness.”

Uber driver referred for felonies

The Public Prosecution ordered that the accused of attempting to kidnap the victim, Habiba Al-Shamaa, be referred to the competent criminal court. To punish him on charges of attempting to kidnap her by force, possession of narcotic cannabis essence in circumstances other than those permitted by law, and driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of that drug.

The Cairo Court of Appeal set April 15 to consider the first session of the accused’s trial.

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