Ali Jumaa answers the question, “Is it okay to tell my colleague, ‘I love you and I miss you?’” Video

Dr. Ali Gomaa, the former Egyptian Grand Mufti and Chairman of the Religious Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives, answered a question from a student: Is chatting between a boy and a girl considered seclusion or forbidden?

Dr. Ali Gomaa, the former Mufti of Egypt and Chairman of the Religious Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives, said during an episode of the “Nour El-Din” program, broadcast on Channel 1, today, Tuesday: “Chat is not considered forbidden, as long as it is in public and there is nothing forbidden in it.” The one in which there is solitude.”

The student interrupted the former Egyptian Grand Mufti with a question: “Someone wrote to his girlfriend, ‘I love you and I miss you.’ Is this considered forbidden, and her father does not know and the words are in secret?”

Dr. Ali Jumaa replied to him: “I will also write this to you, but if her father knows, there is no problem, but if no one knows, then there will be a mistake and it will remain a secret, and there will be words that are not accurate, and there will remain words that contain a secret and we are afraid that people will find out about them.”

He continued: “The daughter can say to her father, ‘I am so-and-so who helps me and I love him.’ Her father remains knowledgeable, her mother remains knowledgeable, and everyone remains knowledgeable. If any mistake occurs between the children, they will correct them and teach them what is right so that they do not slander chastity.”

The “Nour Al-Din” program, which is shown on the United Company’s channels, opens a dialogue with children and adults about their questions about religion and God Almighty, in addition to the life problems facing God’s servants and how to overcome them, and answers questions for the first time on the lips of young children, who always They ask it to their families who find themselves confused about examples of where God is, why we don’t see Him, and other matters that parents stand before in extreme confusion without an answer, which makes the program a subject of anticipation both for the families who are waiting for it to understand the correct answer, and for the children who will find in the program an understanding of what they are trying. Knowing him and proving them correctly builds their awareness and certainty.

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