Art stars support Barwas Hussein after she suffered from bowel cancer – Art

A number of singing stars were keen to support singer Barwas Hussein, one of the contestants on the famous competition program Arab Idol, after she announced hours ago that she was suffering from cancer.

And I wrote Hussein Through her account on the Instagram video and photo sharing site, she said: “I am always satisfied with the destiny and destiny that God has written for us. Yes, I am fighting a malignant disease (bowel cancer) currently in the treatment phase. Praise be to God and thanks for everything. Pray for my recovery. May God protect you and us from all sickness and evil and heal all the sick.”

Singing stars support Barwas Hussein

Comments from the audience poured in, which were as follows: Diana Haddad supported her, saying: “My beloved, may God heal you and make you well. You are strong and you must remain strong.” Heidi Moussa also supported her, saying: “May God heal you and grant you health, my beloved. We prayed for you.” Rahma Riad said: “My beloved, may God heal you, Lord.” Salma Rashid also supported her, saying: “Strong Broas, for sure, you will pass and return in health and safety to your daughters and your family. May God strengthen you and heal you, Lord.”

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