The mystery of the Pharaonic tomb Home is My Home series, Episode 8, Season 2, on Shahid Net

Millions of viewers in various parts of the Arab world interacted with the events of the series “The House is My Home”, the second season, which was launched a short time ago. Thanks to the distinctive and exciting story presented by the comedy, it succeeded in receiving many millions of viewers, who began to anticipate with great interest the follow-up of the series “The House is My Home”, the second season. Followers expressed their great happiness in presenting this work, considering it one of the best series presented over the past years.

Home is My Home series, episode 8

Exciting and distinctive events will be carried by the series “The House is My Home” in the second season, which succeeded in topping the list of the most searched for in the Arab world, and the social media sites were buzzing with the work, as was the success of the young author Ahmed Abdel Wahab, who returned to present the second season of the series, and in this season we will learn about the mystery of the haunted hotel, so it must Karakiri and Benno must solve the puzzle so that their lives can return to normal after the successive crises that the duo is exposed to due to the curse.

The story of the series “The House is My Home”, season two

In the new episode of the series “The House, My Eighth House,” Ahlam goes out to get to know the people of the farm after she tells them that the farm belongs to her husband, Karakiri, and everyone devotes their efforts to carrying out her wishes and helping her, but the biggest surprise is that the village is empty and there are no residents in it, and all that happened to them was the appearance of some people who had passed away. A victim of the fire, Benno and Karakiri begin the process of solving the mystery.

The famous Shahid Net platform has dedicated Wednesday of every week to showing two episodes of the series Home, Home, Season 2, as the terrifying comedy series is considered one of its original works. The makers have explained that the second season of the work will consist of 10 episodes, and it is expected to be completed next week. The last two episodes of the season were shown, and viewers expressed their sadness at the approaching end of the episodes of the Home is Home series.

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