Dalil Oil Company announces job opportunities for Omani graduates

Graduates in the State of Oman are interested in knowing the details of the jobs announced by Daleel Oil Company and the conditions for joining them, as this company offers distinguished job opportunities for both men and women in various specializations, and these jobs have many advantages that suit all employee requirements, and the company has a distinguished team and the highest quality. level of experience and competence, this will help develop skills and increase experience for new graduate employees.

Daleel Oil Company jobs

Daleel Oil Company jobs

Dalil Company has announced a group of distinguished jobs in a number of specializations for Omani graduates, which are:

Conditions for applying for Dalil Company jobs

The company has specified several conditions that a person must meet in order to be able to join the previous jobs, which are as follows:

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Documents required for Dalil Company jobs

Daleel Oil Company jobs

There is a set of documents and papers that are required to be brought when applying for jobs announced by the company in order to be accepted, which are the following:

What is Oil Guide Company?

It is considered one of the leading oil companies in the State of Oman, because it uses the best modern technologies and is concerned with all ethical work. There is also other information about it, including:

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Is there oil in the Sultanate of Oman?

Oil is one of the most important economic sectors in Oman, and the Ministry of Oil and Gas supervises it and follows up on all activities related to this sector, such as oil refining and marketing, in addition to oil product distribution operations.

What is the salary of a petroleum engineer in the Sultanate of Oman?

About 1530 Omani Riyals.

How much oil production is in the Sultanate of Oman?

Omani oil exports reached more than 230,000,000 barrels until September 2023.

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