Despite the threats… Bella Hadid comforts Israel and defends the Palestinians

Fashion model of Palestinian origin and Dior ambassador, Bella Hadid, published on her personal Instagram account a statement condemning the Hamas attacks and Israeli retaliation, which exposes the lives of innocent Palestinians to death. She stated that she receives hundreds of death threats daily, and her phone number has been leaked, but she and her family feel unsafe.

Despite the danger, Hadid wrote that fear is not an option. She added: “The people and children of Palestine, especially in Gaza, cannot tolerate our silence. “We are not brave, they are.”

She continued: “My heart bleeds from the pain and shock, as well as from the generational trauma in my Palestinian blood… After seeing the effects of the air strikes in Gaza, I feel sad with all the mothers who lost their children, the children who cry alone, and all the missing fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and friends who have lost their lives. They will never walk this earth again.”

The Dior ambassador added that she mourns the Israeli families who suffered loss and pain after the Hamas attacks on October 7. She also wrote, “I condemn terrorist attacks on civilians anywhere.”

She pointed out that “harming women and children and practicing terrorism does not benefit the Free Palestine Movement… I believe from the bottom of my heart that no child or any person anywhere should be kept away from their family, whether temporarily or indefinitely.” She added: “This applies to both the Israeli and Palestinian people.”

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