More than 80 were killed by Israeli bombing on the cities of Gaza, Rafah, and the Nuseirat camp

UN official: There are no longer “normal-sized births” in the Gaza Strip

A United Nations official confirmed on Friday that “doctors no longer see normal-sized births” in Gaza, pointing out that 180 women give birth every day in the devastated Strip, while they suffer from hunger and dehydration.

Dominic Allen, head of the Palestinian Territories at the United Nations Population Fund, said in a video press conference from Jerusalem: “Personally, I left Gaza this week, and I was afraid for a million women and girls in Gaza, for 650,000 (females) of childbearing age.” “Especially for 180 women who give birth every day.”

Allen was able to visit hospitals that still provide maternal care services in the northern Gaza Strip, where more than 31,000 people have been killed since the start of the Israeli attack, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health.

He added: “Doctors say that they no longer see normal-sized newborns (…) On the contrary, and in a tragic way, they see a larger number of newborns who die after birth,” speaking of pregnant women “exhausted by fear and moving repeatedly (from one place to another) ) and hunger” and dehydration.

Allen continued, according to Agence France-Presse: “Mothers should hold their children in their arms, not in body bags.”

He also pointed out the lack of anesthesia needed by pregnant women undergoing a cesarean section, denouncing the refusal of the Israeli authorities to allow the passage of aid shipments belonging to the United Nations Population Programme.

He also said: “If I could draw a picture of what I saw, felt and heard during my time in Gaza (…) It is a nightmare bigger than a humanitarian crisis, it is a crisis for humanity. (The reality) is worse than I can describe, what the pictures show, what you can imagine.”

He added: “What I saw (during the move to the northern Gaza Strip) broke my heart,” noting “indescribable feelings” in the eyes of residents.

He continued, placing his hands on his mouth: “Everyone we saw or spoke to was emaciated and hungry, and they all made this movement in search of food.”

Allen also recounted crossing a military checkpoint: “Where a child, perhaps five years old, was walking in fear, raising his hands in the air, while his sister walked behind him, carrying a white flag.”

The Israeli military campaign that began on October 8 left massive destruction and at least 31,490 dead, most of them civilians. Women and children, according to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Health in Gaza, on Friday.

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