For the first time, Kasr El Ainy Medicine broadcast a rare laparoscopic operation live to 7 countries around the world

Written by Amal Allam

Saturday, March 16, 2024 01:08 PM

An Egyptian team from Kasr Al-Ainy Medicine was able to perform a rare and difficult operation through laparoscopy instead of open surgery, for a young man who suffers from difficulty swallowing. For the first time, this operation was broadcast live from Egypt to 8 countries in the world, namely Italy, Spain, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, France, Lebanon, and Morocco.

The medical team at Kasr Al-Aini Medicine

The medical team said that this operation, which was performed through a gastrointestinal endoscope, was carried out through a workshop and conference, and it is considered one of the largest conferences and workshops for gastrointestinal endoscopy in the world. It is European in origin and is always broadcast from Europe, North and South America, and for the first time it is broadcast. Broadcasting in the Mediterranean region, Egypt, Cairo University and the team were chosen to broadcast the case live.

During today’s live broadcast

They added that the case using the third vacuum endoscopy technique is one of the advanced cases of incision of the esophageal muscle and the heart. It is a 21-year-old young man who has been suffering from difficulty swallowing for two years as a result of the disease “alacia”, or the inability to relax the esophageal muscle. An incision was performed. Esophageal muscle surgery endoscopically and without surgical intervention by the first Egyptian team for advanced interventional gastrointestinal endoscopy.

The Egyptian team included assistant professors of gastroenterology and advanced interventional endoscopy at Kasr Al-Aini Medicine, namely: Dr. Shaima El-Khouly, Dr. Mohamed El-Sherbiny, Dr. Karim Essam, Dr. Hany Haggag, Dr. Abeer Awad, and Dr. Kirolos Youssef.

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