World Sleep Day: How to get perfect sleep?


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  • Author, Dominic Lutyens
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It could be bedding made of natural fibers or a suitable mattress and calm colours. So what are the elements that can help us sleep well?

The world has been seeing an increase in interest in the health benefits of sleep for more than a decade. An indication of this is World Sleep Day, which began to be celebrated in 2008, and is held on the Friday before the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.

This comes in recognition of the problems many people face with sleep, as sleep deprivation is believed to negatively affect economic productivity and well-being. This comes based on the knowledge and research conducted by sleep medicine experts around the world to alleviate these difficulties. It is now widely believed that certain habits can improve sleep patterns, such as sticking to a regular routine and avoiding screen time just before bedtime.

There is also growing evidence that bedding has an impact on sleep quality.

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