Gaza War: Palestinian warning and international and American concern about Israel launching a military operation in Rafah

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Displaced Palestinians in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, gather to collect food donated by a charitable group before breaking the fast during Ramadan, March 14, 2024.

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called for the operation of all crossings leading to the Gaza Strip, in addition to the Rafah land crossing, in order to bring in humanitarian aid in sufficient quantities, “to avoid worsening the humanitarian situation there.”

Egypt welcomed the arrival of humanitarian aid to Gaza by sea for the first time, after the UAE announced the arrival of the first humanitarian aid ship to the coast of the Gaza Strip, carrying 200 tons of food and relief supplies, coming from Cyprus, in cooperation with the Global Central Kitchen Foundation.

In its statement, Cairo called on Israel to remove what it described as “obstacles and restrictions” to the entry of aid through land ports.

Over the past six months, aid has been arriving in Gaza, through the Rafah land crossing with Egypt, and the Kerem Shalom/Kerem Shalom crossing between Gaza and Israel, but in limited quantities, reaching a maximum during the truce last November, about 200 trucks per day. .

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