The Assassins series: 7 psychological disorders that affect the child as a result of the father’s cruelty

In one of the scenes of the series, you find the artist Karim Abdel Aziz embodying the character of “Hassan Al-Sabah,” the father who punishes his son for failing to perform difficult tasks assigned to him, and pressures the child to talk until his child says that he does not like performing these tasks and feels pressure. Al-Sabah puts him between two options, the easier of which is It passed, and the child either carried out all his tasks immediately, or spent the entire night in the dark, so the stressed, angry son of Sabbah chose to spend the entire night in the dark, so that this harsh punishment became the solution from the point of view of Hassan Al-Sabah, this cruel character.

Dr. Adel Sultan, Kasr Al-Aini psychiatry consultant, tells us about this harsh scene, stressing that this method of raising and constant pressure on the child causes him many psychological problems and severe personal disorders.

He added that a child who is exposed to severe pressure and constant assignments, whether by forcing him to perform certain tasks in an exaggerated manner or by extreme cruelty in dealing with them, as appeared in the scene of the series, embodying the severe psychological pressure exerted by Hassan Al-Sabah on his son, is exposed to many disorders. Psychological diseases and disturbed behaviors that affect children.

The doctor identified these problems as follows

Pressure creates a shaky child who is unable to make his own decisions, or on the contrary, a cruel child who does not sympathize with anyone.

– Acute pressures on children and harsh treatment cause psychological disorders, including depression.

– The child becomes vulnerable to severe anxiety disorders and a feeling of constant fear.

– The child’s psychology and self-view are affected, and he feels inferior.

– He may put pressure on those around him and turn into a harsh, harsh person.

– He may become extremist in thought and action as he grows older, becoming completely uninterested in assignments and responsibilities, and neglectful.

– He becomes a nervous person who refuses control and rules as he grows up, so his personality becomes disturbed and he loses balance.

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