Haqq Arab series and Ahmed Al-Awadi top Trend X after showing episode 5

The series “Haqq Arab” is released by artist AHamad Al-Awadi A trend on the X website after the fifth episode of the series was shown, during which special events took place following his release from prison, and doubts also swirled about his relationship with Wafa Amer – Sabah Al-Jayoushi.

The fifth episode of Haqq Arab series Star Championship Ahmed Al-Awadi A discussion took place between Tamer Shaltout and his fiancée Caroline Azmy, where he asked her not to care about what happened to Arab Al-Suwerki – Ahmed Al-Awadi, assuring her that the matter did not need all this attention, as he was just a person who worked for them.

She defended him by saying that he was there when she needed him, unlike what he did and abandoned her because of work. Tamer assured her that he was only doing this because of the privileges he received from her father, and that everyone helps for the sake of the interests. He also asked her to consider offering to open a trading company instead of her work in Tourism, and that this company would earn many times more than it received from tourism, and then he went to attend an important meeting and left it to pay the bill.

The fifth episode of the Haqq Arab series witnessed many events, as Sabah – Wafa Amer went to the police station to confess that she was the killer of Hosnia Al-Daya – Aida Fahmy, and before she completed her conversation with the officer and confessed, his colleague entered to inform him that the forensic report exonerated Arabs – Ahmed Al-Awadi, As it proved that Hosnia was killed three hours before Arabs arrived, and here Sabah changed her words after her heart was reassured of Arabs’ innocence, and she said that she had come to tell the officer that Arabs were good and chivalrous and that it was impossible for him to be the killer.

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