Hazem Emam, “The Fox of Zamalek,” celebrates his 49th birthday today

Hazem Emam, a club star, celebrates Zamalek The former Egyptian national team member and member of the Board of Directors of the Football Association, today, Tuesday, his 49th birthday, as he was born on April 16, 1975, and is considered one of the few who were unanimously agreed upon by the Al-Ahly fans before Zamalek, and this is due to his great respect on and off the field, in addition to his participation in writing the history of the club. Zamalek.

Hazem Imam revealed the secret behind the conflict in the date of his birthday between two dates: the first was April 16 and the second was May 10. The little fox told Al-Youm Al-Sabea, “Today is my real birthday. I was born on April 16, 1975, but I was registered on the birth certificate on the 10th of May.” This is due to the circumstances of Hamada Imam’s parents traveling outside the country.” Hazem added, “A cute trick so that the sports community celebrates my birthday twice.”

The darling of the fans, his full name is “Hazem Mohamed Yahya El Horreya Emam.” He is the descendant of a football family that made glory in Egyptian football. He is the son of captain “Hamada Emam” and the grandson of goalkeeper “Yahya Emam,” players of Zamalek Club.

Hazem Emam began his football career through the Shooting Club in Cairo, and his talent was discovered by the Al-Ahly club coaches. He almost moved to the Red Castle had it not been for the intervention of his father, Hamada Emam, the star of Egypt and Zamalek. He switched his side to play for the Zamalek Club and played his first match with the club’s first team in the 1993/1994 season against Al-Ittihad of Alexandria. Hazem’s outstanding performance with the Zamalek team and the Olympic team was the reason for his selection by Ruud Kroll, the Egyptian national team coach at that time, to join the national team in his first match against the South African national team in 1995.

The young player’s career was not limited to local clubs only, but he experienced professionalism in Europe for the first time in 1996 with the Italian club “Udinese” after he was chosen as the best playmaker in Africa in the same year. He also signed a loan contract with the “De Graafschap” club. In 1998, he spent 18 months there, after which he returned to “Udinese” and found himself on the substitutes list, so he decided to return to the Egyptian club, Zamalek.

During his football career, Hazem Emam won many titles, as he won the title of best African player on the continent in 1996 and 2003 AD, and the best skill player in the Pepsi Skills Championship in 2001 AD, and he also won the title of best Egyptian football player in 2003 AD.

Hazem Emam, the former Zamalek club star, used to wear number 14 throughout his playing time, whether with his club or with the national team, as he considered it his favorite number, which raised many questions about his love for this number in particular.

The little fox, since he was growing up in Zamalek, has been wishing to play alongside Gamal Abdel Hamid, especially since he considers him a role model in making and scoring various goals with his head and feet, and because he was wearing number 14, so Emam decided to wear the same shirt.

Since Hazem’s promotion to the first team, he has been wearing this number and has been optimistic about it, to the point that it has become the password in his life. His car number is 14, and his mobile phone numbers are mostly made up of the same number. It has also become the favorite number among fans and young people.

He played 87 matches with the Egyptian national team, scoring 16 goals. He played his last match with the national team in 2005 against the Kuwait national team.

He won 12 championships with Zamalek, 3 times the General League Championship, 2 Egypt Cup Championships, 2 Egyptian Super Cup Championships, 2 African Champions League Championships, the African Super Cup, the Prince Faisal Arab Cup, and the Egyptian-Saudi Super Cup.

He scored 32 goals in the Egyptian General League championships, 6 goals in the Egyptian Cup championships, and 12 goals in the African championships. He also scored 4 goals in the Arab championships. He won the title of Egypt’s top scorer in the African qualifiers for the Cup of Nations in 1998, and his goal for the Tunisia national team in the African Cup of Nations in 2002 is the favorite goal. for him.

The first board member in the history of Egyptian football to obtain the highest number of votes in club board elections, as he obtained 17,270 votes out of 24,000 votes in 2009.

Although Hazem Imam is very proud of the titles given to him by his fans, such as the Emperor, the architect of Egyptian football, the prince of the talented, and the people’s artist, the title “Father of Girls” is the most precious to his heart because it reminds him of the most precious thing in his life, his three daughters, “Haya, Talia, and Lulua.”

The former Egyptian national team and Zamalek club star revealed in television statements his love for everything Italian, and that his short experience in Italy made him love every “Italian form,” explaining that he loves the Italian lifestyle, Italian food and clothing, and not any other form.

Hazem also revealed that he received an offer to act while he was in a restaurant, saying, “I received a serious offer from one of the major producers to play a starring role in a movie while he was in one of the Mohandiseen restaurants, but I refused it.”

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