“Homs Behind the Curtain”… the tragedy of “Sayda” and the harassing hairdresser

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Tuesday 05 March 2024

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Books – Muhammad Shaaban:

A housewife in her thirties constantly frequents hairdressing shops and takes care of women’s beauty as a “hairdresser.” Fate led her to the “Beauty Center” inside a commercial mall in the Talbiya neighborhood, west of Giza.

With a broad smile concealing malicious intentions, Homs greeted his client as she sat in the chair. The intense crowding around the store did not prevent him from thinking or even doing what was on his mind.

His lustful instinct moved him at that time. He began to feel her charms, pretending, “Giving you a massage, Hanem,” but his touches went far from that goal. The young hairdresser continued his practices in a more rude manner, after which the woman let out an involuntary scream, “What are you doing, animal?”

The harassing hairdresser took advantage of allocating parts of the Beauty Center behind curtains as a form of privacy and was about to satisfy his lust, when he was confronted by the screams of his client who called the police for help.

Major Ahmed Farouk, head of the Talbiyah Investigation Department, sent a security force headed by one of his assistants to escort the accused to the police station. The accused tried to evade responsibility and elude the investigation officers, but confronting him with the complainant’s statements and eyewitnesses brought him down with a fatal blow.

He confessed to his despicable act, and Major General Hani Shaarawy, Director of Criminal Investigations in Giza, referred him to the Public Prosecution, which ordered his detention for 4 days pending investigations.

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