How does America expect the size of Israel’s response to the Iranian attack? Two sources explain to CNN

(CNN)– A senior US administration official and a source familiar with the intelligence information told the network CNNTuesday, the United States expects it to be Israeli military response to Iranian strikes Limited scope.

The informed source said that there is American intelligence information indicating that Israel is considering launching a narrow and limited strike inside Iran, because it feels that it must respond with some kind of kinetic action given the unprecedented scope of the Iranian attack.

While the senior administration official said that Israel had not provided the United States with a formal warning about its plans and when they might happen.

The administration official added: “We hope that they will give us some warnings so that we can be prepared to protect our personnel, not only military personnel but diplomats throughout the region.”

“But there is no guarantee that they will give us a heads-up, and they know that when they do alert us, we will likely register our objection again to whatever they are about to do,” he explained.

The US official also said that if Israel does not respond, the United States is “confident that there will be a de-escalation” and the situation will return to the status quo.

The senior US official added: “But any additional step now opens a series of other possibilities, some of which are very scary.”

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