Israeli media describes the killing of a commando commander in Gaza as a “major fall.”

Written by Abdel Wahab El Gendy

Sunday, March 10, 2024 11:30 AM

The Hebrew media bemoaned the killing of Major V Israeli commandoAmishir Ben David, yesterday, Saturday, in the battles of the Gaza Strip, describing his death as a “major fall.”

Israeli Channel 10 described Major Amesher Ben David, 43, as a battalion commander PAK Commando formation leader.

As for the Hebrew radio, it said: “Major Amishir, a reserve fighter in the Commando Brigade, fell in a clash in Khan Yunis.”

The newspaper said, YediotAhronotAmisher “worked as a high school teacher and volunteered as an ambulance driver.”

On Saturday evening, the Israeli army announced the killing of the commando officer, Major Amishir Ben David (43 years old), in the Gaza Strip..

In turn, an account attributed to Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich published a blog post on the “X” platform in which he said that the Israeli officer who was killed in the Gaza Strip was his cousin.

The Israeli Minister of Finance wrote via the account: “We grew up together. A relatively small number of cousins ​​enjoy a strong bond… We used to call him ‘Shinar’. What a man! What pain! There are no words.”

Amishir Ben David

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