Learn about the plan of veterinary medicine in Sohag to welcome the month of Ramadan.. details

The Directorate of Veterinary Medicine in Sohag Governorate has completed its preparation plan to receive the holy month of Ramadan, through follow-up Exhibitions Welcome Ramadan It is spread across centers, cities, and villages at the governorate level, and the products and their suitability are monitored, as well as the condition of the frozen meat and meat inside the showrooms to ensure the quality and safety of the displayed, in addition to following up on the places that sell frozen and fresh meat. This was stated by Dr. Ahmed Hamdy, Director of the Veterinary Medicine Department in Sohag.

Hamdi added in a special statement to “The Seventh Day” that the directorate had completed its preparations to welcome the holy month of Ramadan, as a comprehensive plan was drawn up, one of the most important items of which was intensifying traffic to slaughterhouses on a daily basis to raise their efficiency, and ensuring their readiness to confront the increasing numbers of slaughtered animals and intensifying campaigns on the markets. Tightening health control over meat and intensifying traffic and follow-up campaigns at slaughterhouses, markets, butcher shops, and places for displaying and selling meat, poultry, and fish.

He added that among the provisions of the plan are the necessity of inspecting insured farms and animals and submitting rough treatment, and the decision of the Governor of Sohag regarding the formation of the Supreme Committee and the other sub-committee to tighten supervision and control markets on all food products, including those of animal origin, and to tighten control over veterinary exhibitions and places for displaying, selling and trading medicines. Veterinary medicine and its sources, and a continuation of the series of inspection campaigns on clinics and centers for selling and trading veterinary medicines and vaccines in all centers of Sohag Governorate.

He pointed to following up on the numbering and registration work in the administrations and entering the numbering and registration data for the numbered animals on the official numbering and registration website of the General Authority for Veterinary Services, as well as providing the administration’s numbering and registration requirements (both types of national numbers, registration books for what has been numbered, and labels for installing the national numbers). Intensifying guidance seminars during the holy month on Methods of proper nutrition and hand washing and its necessity to maintain public health. The difference between healthy meat and spoiled meat. The difference between intact seals and forged seals. The difference between imported meat and local meat. Frozen meat and how to preserve it. Manifestations of corruption in poultry meat and the necessity of visiting veterinary units and raising the efficiency of all Facilities affiliated with veterinary departments, and ensuring their readiness to provide all services to citizens while taking all necessary procedures and controls,

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