The Public Prosecution orders the imprisonment of the accused of spreading false news about the death of the “Al-Arish student”

Written by Ibrahim Qasim – Omnia Al-Muji

Saturday, March 9, 2024 06:49 PM

In light of the directives of the Public Prosecutor, Counselor Muhammad Shawqi, to conduct investigations into incidents raised on some media networking sites regarding the publication of false news that would disturb public security and create terror among people regarding the death of a student at Al-Arish University, the Public Prosecution has assigned the Communications and Information Technology Sector at the Ministry of Interior to conduct investigations. The Crisis Technical Committee will examine all the websites that covered the incident, in order to determine whether any of them contained false news or broadcast any rumors that would threaten public security and disturb the peace or not, and in the first case, a specific statement of that news, the date and means of its publication, and the person publishing it.

In implementation of this, accounts were monitored through social media sites and platforms that broadcast publications and broadcast clips that included false news and rumors about the incident, which were examined by the Communications and Information Technology Sector of the Ministry of the Interior, which contained its report and the one who prepared it testified that the accused in charge of managing the account called “Mo Silva” was involved in broadcasting false news from Through accounts that he personally managed through the platforms “Tik Tok, YouTube” and the social networking site “Facebook”, which included, contrary to the truth, the defendants in the incident of the death of a student at Al-Arish University taking obscene pictures of the deceased and threatening to publish them and poison her after she sought help from those in charge of the administration of the college where she studied and who refrained from publishing them. Providing assistance to her to influence the legality of the accused, and this false news would threaten public security and disturb the peace.

Therefore, the Public Prosecution issued its decision to arrest and bring the accused, and upon interrogating him, it determined that he holds an intermediate diploma and works as a YouTuber and clothing merchant. He admitted that he committed the incident and that he was the one who prepared and published the clip containing false news about that incident without verifying the authenticity of the information he broadcast through it. In order to gain views and followers, he also acknowledged the accuracy of his preparation of the clip attributed to him, and that he derived his information from what was published on other sites.

The Public Prosecution ordered his detention pending investigations and instructed the examining body to complete its work to notify the managers of the accounts publishing the false news that had been detected.

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